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Give beautiful look to your driveways and enhanced contrast to your house with Ace interlock services. Ace interlock services gives your wide range of choices with interlocking patterns and stones which fits in your budget.
With more than 15 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, Ace interlocking services are one of the best interlocking services in GTA. We also provide interlock sealing services. So what are you waiting for?


Planing and Excavating

Planing is the major component of Ace interlock project because beauty of interlocking comes with proper installation and needs proper planing. As soon interlock project is approved, Ace interlock crew will inspect the driveway and plan the excavating process which includes exact measurement of area to be excavated and waste dumping. Unlike other interlock service providers, Ace prefer to dump the waste instead of using it for garden because it contains stones and gravels. Excavating is done rite after planning and area defined is excavated around 4.6″ deep for walking stones and 8-12″ for driveways.


Stone base and compacting compacting

crushed stone or 3/4 crushed gravels is used by Ace interlocking professionals to build the foundation of your Interlock Driveway. layers of wet thin gravel is poured onto the base and compacted with vibration plate temper for strong hold and long lasting life. Sand is layered over the compacted base along with drainage pipes, which prevents the water damage to your interlock base. For safety Ace build driveways have slight bends (not visible) for proper drainage of water which enhance your driveway life and give it long lasting life.