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With Ace top of the line sprinkler system installation you get reliable and quality irrigation system for your lawn. At Ace Landscape Construction, we provide you best irrigation (Sprinkler) system with guaranteed 100% satisfaction. The equipments we use at Ace Landscape Construction are 100% reliable and well timed for hassle free irrigation to your lawn. All of the Ace sprinkler system installation comes with a rain sensor. Therefore, you don’t have to shut down the system to prevent over watering, our device will do it for you with zero effort. Thanks to smart controllers used by Ace sprinkler service. Before you hire us for the sprinkler system installation, here are the details of Ace sprinkler system installation process:

1. Property inspection

As soon Ace Landscape Construction sprinkler system project is approved, We inspect your property briefly, identifying the dry spots and boundaries of the property. Also in the inspection phase we figure out the best place to install the controller and main water supply feed for the sprinkler systems.


2. Creating zones

After successful inspection of the property, The Ace Landscape Construction Sprinkler system crew creates the needed zones for the accurate watering of your lawn (including dry spots). We provide single zone sprinkler system installation for small properties and multi-zone sprinkler system installation for large properties including flower beds, vegetable beds, lawns etc.

3. Laying pipes

Thanks to Ace Landscape Construction wide machinery collection, we save huge time on installation of sprinkler pipes by our self-digging machinery. With state of art installation service, TheAce Landscape Construction sprinkler installation no longer leaves you bumpy and uneven lawn surface. Also we ensure your lawn remains as leveled as possible.


4. Controller installation and testing

After all the plumbing connections are made, The Ace Landscape Construction crew install the sprinkler controller in the best convenient place along with rain sensor on the roof top to avoid over watering during rainy days. Controller is programed for best suitable schedule to water your lawn and flower beds and hence tested several times after programing to ensure accuracy and flawless operation

Our Sprinkler system teams have substantial experience with irrigation systems and their maintenance . Our teams can provide spring fall openings and closings, mid season monitoring head an lateral line repairs. With all 3 major branches of lawn care, our team spirit and communication facilitates us to provide you best possible service.

With more than 100’s of satisfied customers, The Ace Landscape Construction is the GTA’s leading sprinkler system installer by giving you affordable and reliable sprinkler system installation. For any inquiries or estimates regarding Sprinkler system installation, please contact us at 416 702 9200.